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Our mission is to empower you with tax-effective strategies that unlock the full potential of your wealth. With our expertise, we guide you through a comprehensive range of solutions designed to optimize your financial standing. From efficiently extracting assets from your corporation to minimizing taxes at the corporate, personal, and estate levels, we are dedicated to helping you protect your assets while maintaining utmost tax efficiency.

Our advice can help you:

  • Tax-efficiently redeem money out of your corporation.
  • Safely and tax-effectively grow your wealth.
  • Remove assets tax-free from your corporation to your family & estate.
  • Minimize the cost of your estate taxes to preserve your wealth.
  • Significantly increase your charitable donations.
  • Reduce the cost of capital gains taxes on your properties.
  • Protect your business from unexpected threats.

And much more.


Tax-exempt whole life & term insurance

Tax benefits and tax-free capital for you, your family & your corporation.


Strategic advice to significantly increase your donations to the charity of your choice, at no additional cost to you.

Estate Planning

Advice to minimize the cost of your estate taxes and transfer assets to the next generation tax-free.

Group Benefits

Custom health & wellness plans for your employees. ASO and standard health plans available.

Business insurance

Custom coverage for property, liability, surety & much more.

Cyber coverage

Protect your business against cyber security risks & data breaches.

Disability & injury

Tax-free income to the age of 65 should you become injured or sick and cannot work.

Critical illness

Protect yourself against dozens of major illnesses. 100% return of premium available.


We have seamlessly integrated ChatGPT into our website to provide you with comprehensive assistance.

Feel free to ask any questions related to insurance, tax, or estate planning, and our ChatGPT will be delighted to assist you.

Performance you’ll want to see

Our offerings complement and seamlessly integrate with your real estate, stocks, and cash holdings.

Our investment strategies ensure your capital grows tax-efficiently, remains easily accessible to you on a tax-preferred basis, and transfers to the next generation tax-free.

Minimize, Maximize & Collaborate.

We collaborate with your accountant, lawyer, and financial advisor to minimize taxes and optimize wealth across all aspects of your personal, corporate, and estate planning.

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