The Future of Insurance & Estate Planning

Innovative strategies & specialized advice to help you remove money & assets tax-efficiently out of your corporation, minimize corporate, personal & estate taxes, and protect your family for generations to come.


Our advice can help you:

  • Tax-efficiently redeem money out of your corporation
  • Remove assets tax-free from your corporation to your family & estate
  • Minimize the cost of your estate taxes
  • Significantly increase your charitable donations, at no extra cost to you.
  • Reduce the cost of capital gains taxes on your properties
  • Allocate your money into a tax-efficient asset that is guaranteed to grow.

And much more.


What we offer

Tax-exempt life insurance

Tax benefits and tax-free capital for you, your family & your corporation.

Group Benefits

Custom health & wellness plans for your employees. ASO and standard health plans available.


Strategic advice to significantly increase your donations, to the charity of your choice, at no additional cost to you.

Estate Planning

Advice to minimize the cost of your estate taxes and transfer assets to the next generation tax-free.

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