Welcome to the forefront of Generational Wealth Planning.

Our mission is to empower you with tax-effective strategies that maximize and protect the full potential of your wealth.

Our advice can help you:

  • Positively impact your family lineage for generations to come.
  • Minimize the cost of your estate taxes to preserve your wealth.
  • Tax-efficiently withdraw assets out of your corporation.
  • Reduce the impact of capital gains taxes on your properties, ensuring a seamless inheritance for your children.
  • Significantly increase your charitable donations.
  • Insure yourself, your family, & your company.

And more.

Our clientele

We cater to an array of clientele, including business owners, medical professionals, start-ups, CEOs, executives, and high & ultra-high-net-worth families.

Our operations span across Ontario, British Columbia, and Alberta.

Performance you’ll want to see

Our offerings complement and seamlessly integrate with your real estate, investments, and cash holdings.

Our investment strategies ensure your capital grows tax-efficiently, remains easily accessible to you on a tax-preferred basis, and transfers to the next generation tax-free.

Advisory Services

Estate Taxes

The biggest tax bill you may ever have.

Estate taxes can often be the most substantial financial burden you’ll ever face. However, there are cost-effective solutions to solve this problem.

Our experts specialize in calculating and recommending the most efficient strategies for paying estate taxes, frequently leading to savings of 50% or more.

These savings can translate into millions of dollars preserved for you, your loved ones, and your business.


Whole life & term insurance

Tax benefits and tax-free capital for you, your family, & your corporation.


Strategic advice to significantly increase your charitable donations, at no additional cost to you.

Generational Wealth Planning

Advice to minimize the cost of your estate taxes and transfer assets to the next generation tax-free.

Group Benefits

Custom health & wellness plans for your employees. ASO and standard health plans available.

Business insurance

Custom coverage for property, liability, surety & more.

Cyber coverage

Protect your business against cyber security risks & data breaches.

Disability & injury

Tax-free income to the age of 65 should you become injured or sick and cannot work.

Critical illness

Protect yourself against dozens of major illnesses. 100% return of premium available.

Minimize, Maximize & Collaborate.

We collaborate with your accountant, lawyer, and financial advisor to minimize taxes and optimize wealth across all aspects of your personal, corporate, and estate planning.

Michael Dutra, TEP, CLU, CFP, Chief Executive Officer

Headline speaker at the 2023 Toronto Business Summit

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