Group benefits

Choose from Canada’s best insurance providers for you and your employees.

Customize any of the following and much more in your group benefits plan:

Dental Coverage

Dental coverage includes examinations, fillings, cleanings, fluoride treatment, x-rays, extractions, crown replacements, dentures, major restorative services, orthodontics and much more.

Drug Coverage

Drug cards are available for all members and generic or brand name drug plans are optional. All claims can be processed digitally, meaning you won’t be out of pocket money waiting for reimbursement or have to mail in receipts.

Paramedical Practioners

Includes chiropractor, physiotherapist, massage therapist, acupuncturist, psychologist, clinical counsellor, marriage and family therapist, psychoanalyst, social worker, psychotherapist, osteopath, podiatrist, naturopath and speech therapist.  

Vision Care

Coverage includes prescription lenses, frames, contact lenses, laser eye surgery and examinations.

Disability Insurance

Protect your income and receive a monthly tax-free payout if you cannot work due to injury or sickness. Short term and long term options available.

Life Insurance

Life insurance is offered to every member without medical underwriting. Amounts can be flat or multiples of annual salary. 

Critical Illness

Protect your health against 26 serious illnesses and receive a tax-free payout if you become sick.  The most common 3 illnesses are heart attacks, cancer and strokes. 

Travel Insurance

Coverage for travel abroad, providing on the spot medical and financial assistance in the event of a medical emergency. Covering unexpected sudden injuries or unforeseen illnesses. 

Employee & Family Assistance Program

This fantastic program includes unlimited access to short-term counselling, key person advice line, online resources and elder and family care services. 

Skip The Line At The Doctors Office

24/7 access to primary care providers through mobile and web applications. Members will be able to get prescriptions, medical advice, laboratory requisitions and specialist referrals. 

Wellness Programs

Wellness programs provide your employees with education and support to live healthier lives and focus on their overall wellness.

Extended Healthcare

Coverage includes ambulance, accidental dental, hearing aids, home care and nursing, surgical stockings, wigs, orthopedic shoes, hospital coverage and much more.

Health care spending account 

Offering additional flexibility to your group benefits plan. 

Expenses that can be tax-deductible to your company through your benefits plan:

Gluten-free products for Celiac Disease
Laser eye surgery
Medical marijuana
Diabetic supplies
Bernstein and similar weight loss clinics
Baby breathing monitor
Air conditioner
Environment control system
Note taking services

Walking aids
Tinting prescription glasses
Stair lift
Service animals
Moving expenses
Renovation or construction expenses

Already have group benefits?

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Frequently asked questions

I have had the same group benefits plan for years, is it worth a review? Yes, a complimentary review is highly recommended to improve your benefits and lower your costs. 

Can I customize my group benefits plan? Yes, you have complete control over how much coverage you want and the types of coverage you have. 

Is there a minimum amount of people needed for a group benefits plan? There are options for as little as one person.

Are benefits tax-deductible to my company? Yes, your premiums for health and dental are tax-deductible to your company. 

Can I set up multiple classes in my group benefits plan? Yes, you can have multiple classes offering a range of coverage for your office workers, warehouse workers, management, executives, owners and many more occupational classes. 

How often can we meet to review my plan? We can meet as many times as you’d like. 

Do you help with the administration of setting up a plan? Yes, we will come in and present to all the employees, help them fill out paperwork and take as much work off of your desk as possible. 

I have sub-contractors, are they eligible for benefits? Yes, sub-contracted employees can be eligible for benefits.