Specialty Insurance

Specialty insurance mountain climber

Common coverages for Specialty Insurance

Personal Umbrella Liability

Coverage includes:

  • Worldwide Coverage
  • Personal Injury Coverage
  • Employers Liability
  • Care, Custody, and Control Coverage
  • Aviation Liability
  • Marine Liability
  • Advertisers Liability
  • Liquor Law Liability
  • XCU Liability
  • Extension of Protection to Additional Insured

Our Umbrella policy also comes with the added benefit of a “drop-down” effect, which ensures the Umbrella policy drops down to become your primary policy should aggregate limits have been exhausted, or if there is no coverage under your primary policy.


Protect yourself and your loved ones against any sudden, unexpected, or unforeseeable illnesses or injuries as well as any unexpected events that may happen when you are out of country or your family comes to visit.

Whether you or your loved ones are headed away on business, taking the family on a trip, studying abroad, or living elsewhere part of the year, our travel experts can put together a tailor-made travel insurance package that will ensure you are covered in the event you need medical care.


Our comprehensive watercraft coverage can also assist you with towing, medical emergencies, search and rescue, and a long list of other potential scenarios that require immediate assistance.

Should your vessel need to be repaired, we can also provide you with a temporary replacement so you never miss a moment on the open water.

Group Insurance Program

Our Group Insurance programs provide the advantage of lower rates to individual members thanks to volume pricing. We help create custom insurance programs for businesses, unions, industries or other organizations to offer group rates to their eligible members.

Custom Insurance Policies

If you are in a unique industry or need a type of insurance that does not exist in the market, we have the ability to underwrite and create insurance policies for circumstances like this.