Travel insurance

Travelling Canadians

Simple, affordable coverage for emergency medical expenses, baggage loss, damage and delay, trip cancellations and more.

Visitors To Canada

Coverage for emergency medical care for physician services, ambulance, hospitalization, prescription drugs and more.

Travelling Students

Get accidental dental and medical care coverage for physician services, annual medical and eye exams, hospitalization, prescription drugs and much more.

Additional Benefits Include:

Single or multi-trip options

Children can be included in your coverage

No medical questionnaire if you are under 60 years old

Access to worldwide travel assistance 24 hours a day & 365 days a year

Coverage for many pre-existing conditions

Trip break coverage for up to 60 days without terminating your coverage

Semi-private hospital accomodation

Diagnostic tests

Registered therapists such as chiropractors, physiotherapists and more

Frequently asked questions

Is trip cancellation covered? Yes, a trip cancellation and interruption plan can be purchased. 

What is the age limit for medicals? No medicals are required if you apply under the age of 60.

Can I choose how much coverage I have? Yes, options range from $15,000 to $150,000 of coverage.  

Is there a discount if I am only travelling within Canada? Yes, you can save 50% on your premiums when only travelling within Canada.

Is tuition loss covered for travelling students? Yes, up to $5,000 can be covered of tuition expenses per semester. 

Can I extend my coverage if needed? Yes, coverage can be extended to suit your travel schedule.