Vehicle Insurance

vehicle insurance convertible in the sun

Whether you’re looking to fully insure the family car, business vehicle or a classic car, we have the coverage you need for any automobile.

Common coverages for Vehicle Insurance

Personal Automobile

Having vehicle insurance is the law in Ontario, and insurance providers will look at a long list of criteria to determine your coverage—from your driving record to your age, type of vehicle, where you live, and more.

We will provide you with the best rates to ensure you’re fully covered for:

  • a loss
  • repairs to physical vehicle damage
  • any injuries sustained while driving
  • liability in the event of a lawsuit from a third party
Classic and Antique Automobile

A classic or antique car wasn’t meant to just be admired in your garage. Get out on the road and enjoy your special vehicle with the right coverage.


Whether you’re riding a chopper, sport bike or scooter, in the city or on the open road, making sure you’re protected is paramount. Our specialists can help provide coverage that protects you against liability, theft, collision and comprehensive risk policies. Let our team help provide motorcycle insurance for your bike, including standard, custom-built, dual-purpose, cruisers and off-road bikes.

Exotic and Supercars

Comprehensive vehicle insurance to cover exotic and supercars.

Recreational vehicles

Insurance for your ATV, boat, Seadoo, motorcycle, or any other type of recreational vehicle.